Using a combination of relaxation techniques and deeper applications, my style encompasses a nurturing, therapeutic theme. Every session is specifically tailored to each client's specific needs. My detail-oriented approach focuses on trouble areas to ease pain and muscle tension in a way that encourages the body to heal and restore rather than feeling beat up or wiped out afterwards. 



Ladies- relax, restore and ease the aches and pains commonly associated with this special transition. And best of all, you get to safely lie on your belly during your session with a specialized prenatal bolstering system! 

*Side lying positioning may be indicated towards the end of your third trimester. 

Please provide a doctor's note if you have had any complications with your pregnancy.

If indicated for your session, cupping can be used as a tool to enhance your treatment. The painless suction created by the silicone cups allows negative pressure to free-up congested tissue and bring fresh, healing blood flow to the area. This is great for areas like the upper back that can become sticky or bound up, or chronically tight IT bands and calves. Some markings on the skin can show up and last for a few days after your session.